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Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues

A freight train out of town.  Cold hands.  Head stuffed up with sleep and lack of sleep and why am I up so early with the morning fog along the tracks.  Skip James tune in my head, just a few lines obsessively repeating in my head. There’s a girl that I left behind and we’re […]

West Oakland to Roseville

I waited in a gondola in the Desert Yard, blissed out with a cigar in the late afternoon sun. Golden sun, mellow cigar smoke, warm east bay afternoon.

The Healing Power of Rusted Metal

Clarity.  So fleeting.  I feel like clarity can be a squirrely elusive target. I’m sitting right now in one of my favorite secret places — the little disused rail car at the local trainyard. off on a siding.  A motorized car for workers that rides on the rail.  Quietly rusting at the end of the […]