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Telling tales about the people we come across

Blackberry Jam

Ben confides to his friend Ash that he plans to commit suicide.  The two are in a neighborhood bar that they almost never frequent.  They have a lengthy detailed conversation about methods and timing.  Ash says his preferred method would be a pitcher of margaritas, a warm blanket, and a commercial walk-in freezer.  He’d die […]

button down shirt

Howard is depressed but doesn’t know it. Assumes everyone feels the same, and spends his days trying to rationalize the dualities he is certain governs the laws of his universe. Like how he feels ashamed that his favorite actress is Mia Kershner, but has never tasted the vodka-besotted lips of a stranger at two in the morning.

Duke Ellington And The Obsession Of Collection

I collect records. Ever since I was a kid. My first record was not a collector’s item. It was Shaun Cassidy. An album called Born Late. I still have it. I haven’t listened to it in twenty years. But I can’t bear to get rid of it. It was my first album. I’m a collector. […]


Feeling guilty about it is no good at all. He can’t win this one. She can’t win this one. It isn’t that he wants to tell her how to behave, and he’s not willing to tell her how to feel. But if he would, if he could. In a secret place. A secret safe place. […]