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night sounds

Like your Aunt said, I want to hear the night sounds. I want the kind of sounds one should hear at night. The sound of crickets, The sound of my lover’s breath. Perhaps even a little wind or Rain in the Spring and Fall tapping my roof and trickling down my windows. These are the […]

War Story

This is true. This conversation took place in flight June 25, 2005. I transcribed the following on the same day. His name is Wes and he is 23 years old. On his third and last tour to Iraq, he was captured by “insurgents” in Fallujah. He is now detained at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. […]

garage sale

She hated to see her things strewn out like that, on the oil stained concrete. She hated to bargain with people over her life. “That’s a dollar… okay, I’ll take fifty cents.” She had put those things together so nicely in her little apartment. I was always surprised when I returned from college to see […]