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I haven’t really written creatively for anyone else outside of a few personal letters and the imagined audience of my journal. The Spoon Cafe inspires me to express myself in creative ways.


I have a feeling in my diaphragm, like an empty hole.  A void I’m aware of when I stop to listen.   Its the space that at other times has  filled with fluttering leaves that I can’t ignore, the wandering, spreading flutter that radiates down my stomach, up my back to tickle and scratch at the […]

Dear Alan Watts

Dear Alan Watts, I wish I could have known you, been alive when you were alive, talked to you and maybe studied with you, heard your deep throated laugh in person and watched the skin wrinkle up around your eyes. What does the time I live matter?  “Then” has past, is stagnant, unchangeable, it has […]