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We walked down to the great meadow, your dancing hands accidentally bumped into mine as we navigated the steep terrain. At the bottom, I turned to you and touched your round cheek in my outstretch palm. Dragonflies and small winged insects hummed in the still, warm summer air, swimming in circles, catching the light. If […]

The great flying elevator

2009 greeted me with a harsh winter cold that made my voice deeper and hoarser than normal.  I bought a dungeness crab and a bottle of champagne and proceeded to get more drunk than my health would have preferred. Last night I saw the girl off to her father’s and went straight to bed, covered […]

We will not be the last

You’re a dark spec on the horizon while I’m floating away.  Walking the streets of London. Curling up close to musical voices more embracing than the California air outside.  I am everywhere and simply nowhere.  Do my eyes betray me? I’m sure the blank stare is confusing, but I’m too impressionable to resist the lure […]

Midnight, Oakland

I am a white woman living in an affluent country, in a liberal state, with an education and a good job.  I am not oppressed like women in Darfur or Afghanistan.  I have never been attacked… at least not by a stranger.  Even with the most basic credentials of a first world country, I am […]

Paris ’03

A stretch of cobble accents the maze-like streets though Le Marais district in Paris.  Stifled by heat wave, but enamored by presence, I transcend the physical discomfort to seek out just one more perfect café . The red wine is served chilled and the cheese sweats when brought to your table, but I don’t mind. […]

That Darn Cat

The first breath of air upon going outside forklifts acres of nostalgia straight into my senses.  I am alive with possibilities, alive with memory.  A swift, brisk current sends the first leaves from the trees as I reach to pull my sweater down around my whitened knuckles.   Autumn takes me back home.  A sense of […]

Old Friends

I was walking towards the coffee shop when I saw you over there, serving tables. Pain of recognition struck. I knew I should have moved on, but it felt stupid to sneak away. I’ve known you since we were almost children. Could I really just turn and run? I crossed over to the restaurant and […]

Shoebox Hornet

There was something in the pantomime of your eyes. A quick flick down and to the right when you said you loved me. We were never the same again. Loosing you was just the beginning. I remember distinctly sliding down the walls of doubt, a painful spiral, and my fingers slipping down the greasy bowl […]

Siamese Twins

slipping through and endless sky inordinate and just flying by my musical lover sends a gift and every cloud appears to lift like a child i can see again returning to hills where we ran together, an inseperable team two twins joined without seam my lover holds no stitches to me siamese kittens, we’ll never […]

Warm Tide, Ocean Shore

As I lay upon the tidal ocean shore Your body lapping up onto mine Warm as milk, wet as summer rain I am lost in your thousand-mile horizon Warmth within me, under, your sea I am taken into your undertow As I rise up, blessed things are forgotten Satisfied and lost no more A thousand […]