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I found a map underneath a smooth ocean stone. I tried to keep on the path highlighted by someone else’s blood. but then It became to difficult to keep in place, so I ran past the old ladies house with dripping skin.
I should just go home.

When I grow up I want to live by the ocean and write.

Double life

Can I feed my child? Simple enough request to ask the goddess when I was pregnant. I did not think this would end in a battle of stealing from trees/property (apples and lemons mostly). I can recall these recent years of struggle well. It was when I was most connected with my spirited no ties […]

Homework and social activism (hippie antics…)

I told my son he needed to get started on his homework, he refused and began complaining, so I started listing the consequences(no playing outside, favorite items being taken away) and I explained to him he had to do his homework because this is part of creating good study habits and reinforcing what you are […]

I like limbless Men

I feel like if they only have one legg, or one arm they are forced to develop an inner spirituality. Really I want to stand next to someone who is not afraid to practice prayer and then take off with only a backpack and a pack of smokes. With no destination in mind. So I […]