night sounds

Like your Aunt said, I want to hear the night sounds.
I want the kind of sounds one should hear at night.
The sound of crickets,
The sound of my lover’s breath.
Perhaps even a little wind or
Rain in the Spring and Fall tapping my roof and trickling down my windows.
These are the sounds you should hear at night, not –
Not the sound of racing taxis,
The tragic siren of the ambulance,
The screams of womyn who I never see when I run to the window.
These are the sounds that never move through your body.
They knot into the back of your neck and along your spine.
These are the sounds that clench your teeth.
I want to hear the night sounds that move through my body like blood.
The sounds that are so much mine and yours that we hardly notice them.
The sounds that transition so easily from one to another,
From the crickets,
To my lover,
To the wind passing over us as we sleep.

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