A dream

Northern Lights

Sarah picked me up and drove me to seattle, which

seemed so much quicker than 14 hours… we drove

up these STEEP roads lush with trees all around.. it

was beautiful.. she said “do you want me to take you

to the water’s edge?” and we went to her house that

had a beach front. while walking up i gasped

because there were northern lights! “Oh

how beautiful! I’ve never seen them before!” i

exclaimed. I walked closer (they were a green/wispy

hue) and these figures of old Eskimo men were among

the lights. It was intense and beautiful. We went back

into the apartment where she and matt lived and they

were both wearing shear night gowns (him too) and

matt was wearing red shorts underneath. Then it was

time for me to go, but they left instead. There was a

man in the apartment that was a friend of theirs

maybe? I asked him for help with directions back out

of seattle to santa cruz. He helped me and cooked

me 3 sets (two each) of fried eggs then put them in a

jar with a lid. A guy  walked in and sat down and

opened his mail. One was a brochure from my mom!

and her theater group. I thought how weird! in

seattle? In this apartment? And I had heard his

comedy before.. it was strange. Then a few people

were around now and this guy (detective/reporter

kinda guy) opened the fridge and there were two

women in there (as if they had no legs) and the one

was an online stalker to the other and they were

meeting, but the stalker got her in the fridge to try to

eat her and she said, as she was pulled away by the

authorities “mmm how I’d love to eat her hair” so then

it dawned on us that she was trying to eat her… it was

crazy! i crossed bridges heading back home and then woke up.

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