Homework and social activism (hippie antics…)

I told my son he needed to get started on his homework, he refused and began complaining, so I started listing the consequences(no playing outside, favorite items being taken away) and I explained to him he had to do his homework because this is part of creating good study habits and reinforcing what you are learning. He then ran off and became quiet fumbling around in his room. I told him he had a 20 minutes to get his homework out. he came back with a loaf of bread and a few other little bottles tucked under his belt and holding a sign up that said “no homework…save the trees” and he was chanting “i protest homework”.

he then went and hid under the stairs and said he was “protesting the use homework in the lives of children” and would not come out. i told him he would get hungry and thirsty and he said “I have bread and water” as flipped the bottle of water and loaf bread around his little 9 year old body. Then I told him “you will have to pee”… He took an empty juice bottle and looked me straight in the eyes and said “I can aim”.

The social change/resisting authority model at its best…

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