Warm Tide, Ocean Shore

As I lay upon the tidal ocean shore
Your body lapping up onto mine
Warm as milk, wet as summer rain
I am lost in your thousand-mile horizon
Warmth within me, under, your sea
I am taken into your undertow
As I rise up, blessed things are forgotten

Satisfied and lost no more
A thousand hands wait to pull us into
This lonely, forgotten sea
A thousand lies, a thousand hearts bed down with me

Your pull is like this: I, a body resting on your shore. You, an ocean several thousand fathoms deep. You rise up, tide lapping onto me, warmer than body temperature, thicker than milk. I am seduced by your rhythmic call, an undertow so great I am pulled within, forsaking air, embracing life under your sea. I am no more, but we are. Your horizon stretches for a thousand miles in either direction, filling my thoughts, emptying my confusion. I desire with an undeniable certainty. I become the sea. I call from within my depths sea creatures to summon you with a sirens call. In twisted deformities, they appear, deviants of the deep. You from within I, and this is their answer we call.
– written in 2006

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