I like limbless Men

I feel like if they only have one legg, or one arm they are forced to develop an inner spirituality. Really I want to stand next to someone who is not afraid to practice prayer and then take off with only a backpack and a pack of smokes. With no destination in mind. So I searched in the hobble of limbless men, looking for soul, and passion:

I want a deeper connection, so I thought to myself as I sipped my pint in a sticky bar, I tell myself “that one legged man over there may be the one”, based on his lacking one leg. I went over to him and tried to kiss him, he must have thought I was deranged. I gave him no warning as I leaned in to kiss his cheek to see if he was magic. No such luck (he was startled to put it gently). well at least I can say my limbless phase of love seeking had a purpose. Which was wanting someone with texture around the person inside. I want the quality of the human shell to mean nothing.

Maybe I should try someone with no teeth? Maybe thats who my soulmate is, a toothless man who has developed a fine since of petal worship with that old religion I keep following. If this does not work I might have to find someone with all their teeth and limbs.


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  1. Posted August 4, 2008 at 10:06 pm | Permalink

    Crazy hyperbole. I love it. Sounds like stories I write. Full of lies and truth.

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