A Moving Target

Spoon is a moving target.

Trying to balance the whatnot with the heretofore.  Not to mention the wherewith.

You know, not everyone is comfortable publishing their innermost thoughts to the entire Interwebs.  Or maybe it is just a matter of presentation, the webs looks so… presented.  I can see that that would produce a certain shyness.  A kind of activation energy that must be overcome.

The old Spoon used to be a purely email affair.  Mostly because in the heady days of the early internet, that was all we had.  Firing off an email about your day, or your life, or an adventure was simple.  You understood that the people at the other end of the wires were a finite and knowable group of humans who’s stories you knew to a degree.  Now, it is hard to imagine that anything like it ever existed.  Stories.  No pictures.  Just thoughts and so many words.

Back then, webs were something spiders made.  Some geeky people were playing around with something called Netscape.  A computer program with which you could go anywhere, but there was nothing out there to see.  It was like riding a bike in a vast empty warehouse.

Now, I’d be surprised if your mom didn’t have a blog.  With photos.  Maybe even videos of her Arizona vacation.

So there is some balance between the breezy ease of email and the flashy presentation of the web, and I’m looking to find that right balance.

I added a Spoon email list.  You can post to it at spooncafe@googlegroups.com and it will go to all the subscribers (but won’t appear here on the web).  But if you post here on the web at spooncafe.wordpress.com, it will go to both.

So I figure some shy, hesitant conversation will happen on the Spoon email list, hopefully with increasing confidence and comfort.  Then maybe when someone posts something particularly awesome, we’ll have to encourage them to post it on the blog.   And then maybe folks will just get into the habit of posting their stories directly to the blog (which will go to the blog and email list both).  And we’ll comment and shoot the shit on the email list in response.

Or something like that.

Kind of complicated until we get it all figured out and it all seems so easy we get impatient with the fumbling of newcomers.

And this is also a test to see if it will automagically go out to the email list.

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