Monthly Archives: July 2008


How are you doing?  What are you doing with your life?  Does it feel meaningful?  Are you content?  Are you fulfilled?  Do you feel free?  Are you spending every minute of your life like it is the only one you have?  Does your life feel real?  Do you have a direct connection with your survival?  […]

To Spoon, Or Not To Spoon?

Four years later, after nearly 3000 editions of the Spoon Digest, 36 thousand stories, 14 million words, and 88 million characters, we had to admit that yep, I guess yeah, it might work okay.

A Note to My Vagabonding Friend

I wanna write crazy messages, but I don’t think I have stationary crazy enough to hold them.  I’m thinking of you, but maybe not you, but a crazy idea of freedom, or something beyond this, or beyond everything and I don’t know what that would be.  An aimless roadtrip through no-name towns, gas station bathrooms […]

a note to a soulmate across the years

Thinking of you while motorcycling through the redwood hills of Santa Cruz.  Summer thoughts, wishing I were breaking asphalt in the hot sun to get the full effect of the summer sun.  Or bored as a child at a family picnic eating cob after cob off of a tall buttery plate.  Or hours lost to […]